Friday, October 26, 2012

necessity versus excess

so here i go... i am going to let the cat out of the bag and post my first blog here! i have been blogging since the days of AIM profiles, livejournal, myspace, xanga, tweeting since '09, all the way to the facebook of now, but this is a new venture for me. i finally have a vision of how i want to live out my days and this is the starting point. i have always thought that people have too much "stuff". i am a minimalist (in a loose sense of the word--i still like to keep items of importance and i love DIYing crafts and such). everyone in my family appears to have hoarding run in their blood, and it drives me nuts! i mean it... everyone. they collect things, have mismatching things (and not in the cute eclectic way), just let things sit around and take up space. to each their own, of course, but i think that is what has driven me to constantly purge my things that have had no use for a determined amount of time. now it's not to say i haven't gotten rid of something and then days or weeks later said "MAN, i knew i shouldn't have gotten rid of that. i've done it a bunch! but fortunately, it's yet to be detrimental!

so i digress... i want to lay it out for myself. a question i have been asking myself a lot lately. 

what do i really NEED in life? here is what i've come up with:
-the mercy and grace of God-He sent his only son sacrificially to die for OUR sins. who else could love me more than that?
-my daughter-my sweet baby, who at almost five, is not so much a baby anymore
-food and water to consume-obvious, again
-a place to sleep and be protected from the various elements of nature-i guess technically i could be homeless, but...
-friends that will encourage and hold me accountable-you can't do it on your own
-a source of income-no matter how much we dislike it, we need some form of our currency to purchase things we need
-shoes and clothing-thanks to adam and eve frolicking in the garden

here are the only additional tangible things i can truly think of that assist in my happiness:
-computer and phone-to stay easily connected to my family and friends long distance, news, all of my books (got rid of all my paperbacks except for my bible.. sad day.. not), hulu and netflix-since i have no intention of getting cable 
-camera-i find magic in the ability to freeze a moment in time and be able to look back and be reminded of all of the details
-makeup and hair products-well, i am a girl and i like to feel pretty and confident and have fun doing it
-my vehicle-there is something so calming to me about jumping in my car and going for a drive with the music on. revives my soul
ta-da! the end.

so looking at this list that i can name off in about 3 minutes, WHY do we as americans hoard so much junk? we live way beyond our means. not to say that people don't work hard for what they have, i know, i have done so. lately i have realized that we work so many hours a week to buy all these things, but we can't buy time or experiences with the people that mean the most to us. most of us also work somewhere that has nothing to do with any of our passions. it saddens me, really. 

i have been saved by the grace of my God and i am truly trying to follow my calling. i have been interested in the tiny house movement for a while and have finally made the decision that i will eventually quit my 8-5 day job to pursue building MY very own tiny home for my daughter and myself. i feel like i have a calling to go on mission trips and i feel like my heart is simply going to melt into them. but i would like a place to call my own and have a returning point. it is also very exciting that should i have the notion to move, i could pretty much do so on a whim. it's magical. wanderlust.

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