Monday, November 12, 2012


pretty people. sweet and kind inside and out. audrey and wilson (small group family) got ENGAGED on friday! this was a seriously exciting moment for all of us, all of which said people are "single", and it was fun to hear about and see how surprised she was that so many people could keep such a huge secret from her! i am pretty impressed too. here's a snapshot of all the pretty girls, and soon to be mr. and mrs. meadows. what a classic story. a beautiful, God centered love!

 i don't normally know what i'm going to write about until all of a sudden i get this "aha!" moment. i have been thinking a lot about things that i've always wanted to do, or even things that have sparked my interest lately and as i was sitting here, looking online for classes and ways to learn sign language (a "dream" of my own), i'm wondering why it is that we wait for "the right time" or always say "well, one day i'd like to...". it's like we're all procrastinators in the dream department. well, ya know what? your dreams don't have to wait. if you don't have the money, the time, the energy, well, ya just have to suck it up if it's that important to you! and is SHOULD be. because God wants you to dream. He wants you to dream big. He will provide. whether it's the funds, the tools you need to succeed, the means for you to find ways to make it work, the words to come out in the right way, you have to know He is your true provider. a few weeks ago, PC was talking about his bucket list. i didn't go home and rewrite mine immediately. to be honest, i kind of tucked it away, because lately i have already started trying to implements some things i've always wanted to do. of course almost everything is sure to be easier said than done, but if everything were easy, we'd have no goals, hopes or dreams, because we'd have already done it all.

at any rate, i figured i'd post some of the things on my bucket list. if you're somewhat interested, feel free to read below. if not, you probably didn't even read this sentence. :)

~learn how to garden and grow my own fresh vegetables and herbs
~submit a song to a record label
~live overseas ( i don't know which one, just a sea at the moment)
~build a lil tiny house
~take kinley backpacking through europe. in the teenage years, of course
~learn sign language
~travel to greece. travel to lots of places as a matter of fact
~does get married count as a bucket list item? i think so
~learn to want to run at least 5 days a week (ha ha)
~take semi-professional photo's. pretty sure that won't be too much of a task. however, i want to enroll in classes... mostly just to say i did :)
~learn to play guitar (i mean it. you can hold me to this. i will at least try)
~be part of something super awesome that is selfless. other than the regular. i don't know if that makes sense. i guess maybe you can chalk it up to all PC has been talking about: legacy
~buy a super artsy vintage looking turquoise, yellow or coral bike
~get the heck out of the east/south for a while
~try to write regularly with my left hand. what if i broke the other? helpless

i have a busy week going on right now! friday was the engagement party, (pf changs after-YUM)last night was church (and dinner at panera), tonight is legacy meeting (food provided), tomorrow is small group and dinner at zoe's before (are you sensing a trend here? we like to eat.). i also meet my mentor student tomorrow! i pray it goes as well as it can! wednesday is motion night... i'll be checking it out for the first time (i didn't realize how many people "my age" went. haha, naughty naughty.) thursday is parent observation night at kinley's dance studio... wow. ta ta for now!

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