Monday, November 5, 2012

game changer

so i have decided my blog needed a name change. it has kind of turned out to be different than what i initially intended (big surprise, huh?)... it's turned into more of a spiritual journal and just expressing my thoughts on this short life that we lead. it's very therapeutic for me to write. speaking of short life... it is seriously flying by. my daughter will be FIVE next month. that means that in about 7 months i'll have to say she will be six soon. haha, weird logic, but true. and no one ever said my thoughts were normal! so this post is really just to update with my need for a name change and to get out some thoughts in my head.

 first, if you wonder why i don't use much capitalization, it is most definitely not because lack of grammatical and education skill! haha. i just feel like everything we do is to glorify Him, and this only emphasizes our Lord a wee bit more. holler. now, everyone knows we are in an election year. i am so moderate that it's almost ridiculous! i wish i could pick one side or another, but i don't feel that just because i am a christian, that i should have to vote one way or because i believe strongly about one specific thing, that i should have to vote the other way. but what annoys me more than anything is that people are voting and don't even know what they're voting for! i am not going to get into the political nastiness, but--PLEASE--if you are voting for a presidential candidate, or any other type, educate yourself just a little bit! i know so many people voting one way just because of one issue... so narrow minded, and a waste of a vote. what if you were the swing vote and you only voted because of ONE belief? anywho, end rant!

moving on... i have gotten a lot of questions about why i am going to the doctor so much lately. i have been pretty zip-lipped about this for the past year or so, but i feel like it shouldn't be kept under wraps. it just takes a lot of explaining regarding my decision. so, last year i decided to become an egg donor. i am on my second donation cycle and although i hadn't intended to do it again, i am glad i am and am making someone's dream a possibility. i plan to do a full post on this later.

lastly, yesterday was a long day! i participated in the Out of the Darkness walk at heardmont park for the second year in a row. it was awesome! i knew when i woke up that i felt awful and had gotten kinley's sickness, but that was not going to stop me from walking or going to church! unfortunately i still feel like complete crud, so prayers please before i go crazy! i have no vacay time, so i'm stuck at work with the shakes, can't focus and just feel plain awful! nyquil is love. till next time. ;)

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