Wednesday, July 31, 2013

magic is gone

a different memory on every street
gotta get away from this defeat
i've got more dreams to see through
and more people to meet

down highway 459
leads me straight back to you
but somehow the back roads
take me there too

it's an intersection of you and me
at every corner store
and i find myself shopping there
more than ever before

gotta find a new city
the magic here has died
what's holding me back when
i could get in the car and drive

can't pass by that house
the one you renovated
all of the memories
god i can't take it

the next row of cars
there's one just like yours
the stop light never ends
can't go on a detour

wandering through the lanes
see you all over the place
not sure if it's in my head
every time i see your face

not only can i see you
but sometimes i hear you too
at the crossroads of yes and no
you always tell me which way to go

gotta get out of this city
the magic here has died
nothing's holding me back
i'm in the car and it's finally in drive

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