Thursday, September 19, 2013

braggin' on my friend

i mentioned a few weeks ago that i discovered i seriously get lost in the information he provides in his writing. i know someone is a talented (blogging) writer when they have a site, sans pictures, that makes me keep clicking and reading different posts. it is obvious that anyone would be crazy NOT to hire him to do their professional writing. i had (read: made) the time today to complete another one of his writing assignments, write a letter of recommendation. my friend katie has no idea i just wrote this about her (see: evil grin), but she will shortly and i hope she doesn't mind me bragging on her in the world wide web. she also just happens to be looking for a new job. what a fun coincidence. :)

To whom it may concern:

I have known Katie Griggs for more than a few years now. Over the past couple as friends, I have come to know her talents and quirks and watched her grow continually into a better person and worker. Katie is a passionate individual that never settles for less than excellent.

One of Katie’s greatest strengths is determination. No matter the obstacles she faces, you can expect every project to be seen through to the end. With her attention to detail, above average organizational skills and verbal and written capabilities, there is no doubt that any endeavor on which she embarks will be completed well.

In addition to nearing the end of her pursuit of an HR Management degree, a field that clearly suits her skills, Katie adds a level of charisma that is a rare gem. She can communicate with any age and personality. This combination of likeability and skill puts her above the crowd for any position.

If you would like any further information, I would be happy to speak with you at any time.

Your BFF

*truthfully, i have no idea if any hiring manager would look twice at this, but it was fun and something i've never done!

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