Monday, May 26, 2014

where's all my junk?

i was just plopped down on my bed staring at pinterest (an hour and a half later... oops) and I saw a pin that said "i wish one of my personalities liked to clean..." i laughed for a minute, ha ha! but then i was like wait... i hardly ever have to clean anymore! and it's great! the only struggle is my daughter leaving random stuff about, i feel like i am constantly having to put something back in it's place--but at least everything has a place now. you can't win them all, i guess!

so i thought i would list the reasons i have gotten rid of a lot of my stuff & am planning my tiny house build, and why you should consider it too.

1. there is less to clean!
2. the above means there is more time... obviously for sites like pinterest ;)
3. getting rid of stuff just makes me feel refreshed
4. i only have about 4 loads of laundry including sheets for my bed and towels. (3 towels :)
5. my daughter only has about 2 loads of clothes to wash (did i mention i don't like laundry?)
6. dishes don't pile up (4 of each "multiples" items and a few stragglers)
7. i can see all of my stuff--it's not shoved away in boxes or an attic/basement
8. how proud will i be when i finish BUILDING my OWN house? how many people actually do this these days?! pretty awesome if i say so myself... and i do
9. sometimes old sentimental items should not be sentimental anymore.. ex's shirts, pictures, etc.
10. bigger and more isn't always better :)

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